Requirement: 64-bit Intel CPU, Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

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Latest version: 1.1.4
Installer MD5SUM: d1bc1c5d0eaee1a732effae274c6d69d


1.1.4 - 2016/06/12
  • performance tweak and stability fixes.
1.1.3 - 2016/06/12
  • Fix: pixelation when fast-forward or backword when using hardware decoding.
  • Fix: some borken files makes the player to not hide its logo, even there is a video stream.
  • Add SpeedMode.
  • fix several UI issues in multiple languages.
  • performance tweak and stability fixes.
1.1.1 - 2015/10/29
  • Fix the album art in audio file.
  • Fix display issues when changing window size.
  • Fix window does not disappear when finishing the playback in EI Capitan.
  • Fix pixelation in EI Capitan.
  • Add hidden setting: AsyncMode.
  • Change the app icon.
  • several trivial issues in EI Capitan.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: MPlayerX now does NOT work well when enter/exit Fullscreen in EI Capitan by dragging the window in Mission Control. It is because that the Fullscreen behavior changed so much from 10.6 and 10.11. Now I am trying to figure out a way to fix it without breaking the backward-compatbility, but at worst, it could be possbile that MPX will drop 10.7 and 10.8 support from next release.
1.1.0 - 2015/6/13
  • Adopted 10.10 UI.
  • Support HTTPS streaming.
  • Add Partial Update mechanism to update player core only.
  • Sync up to the latest mplayer/FFmpeg source.
  • Fix several issues on HEVC decoding.
  • Add some hidden settings, please check HERE for details.
  • Stability improvement. - 2014/1/27
  • Fix crashing in 10.6.
1.0.22 - 2014/1/26
  • Fix: some videos with CJK titles in could not display correctly.
  • Fix: Full screen misbehavior when disable separated space for each screen.
  • Fix: MPlayerX's core crash due to some 10 bits H.264/AVC content.
  • New: Auto Pause when minimized. (hidden feature)
  • New: new encrypted bookmarks
  • Fix: UI tweaks and code optimization for Mavericks.
1.0.21 - 2013/12/26
  • Fix: output image is blurry.
  • Add support directly playing videos on,,,,, and so on.
  • Simplification when directly play online videos, now you could enjoy youtube, vimeo with just one click or drag&drop.
  • For details, please take a look at this link
  • More responsive when opening URL.
  • Fix: memleak in mplayer
1.0.20 - 2013/11/28
  • fix gray bar displayed when using fullscreen in 10.9
  • fix Auto Play List stop working for some files
  • fix crashes when using video tuner
  • compatability fixes
1.0.19 - 2013/10/25
  • Fix a serious memleak issue in mplayer, please drop 1.0.18
1.0.18 - 2013/10/23
  • Fix: time slider mispositioning
  • Fix: compatible issues with Mavericks (10.9)
  • Fix: could not disable subtitles in mts files
  • ...
1.0.17 - 2012/09/07
  • Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding boosted.
  • New: scripting support added, which means now.
  • Fix: three fingers swiping stopped working.
  • Fix: in some mp3 and m4a files with album art, time/seek stopped working.
  • Fix: when paused, display dimmed and Mac falls to sleep.
  • Fix: video is wrongly decoded in some RealMedia files.
  • Fix: the remaining time is wrong when playback speed is not 1x.
  • Fix: the position of the play control always reset when app exits.
1.0.16 - 2012/08/14
  • New: support for Mountain Lion
  • New: support for Retina Macbook Pro
  • New: add Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding
  • New: retrieve the name and language of subtitle tracks
  • New: show current/total time when playback resumed
  • New: refine file type icons
  • Pref: more options for saving snapshots
  • Translation: add Hungarian
  • Fix: seeking with arrow keys or control make playback rewind
  • Fix: sometimes "Not supported" panel pops up incorrectly and refuse to play
1.0.14 - 2012/04/22
  • New: Add font fallback mechanism for subtitle
  • New: Compatibility with
  • Preference: Show current time when paused(hidden setting)
  • Fix: Pixelation in some mts files
  • Fix: Compatibility with RemoteBuddy
  • Fix: Some usability fixes
  • Localization: Add Portuguese Brazil and Swedish
1.0.13 - 2012/02/05
  • New: Application icon, thank you Elom Zhang.
  • Translation: add Korean UI
  • Fix: some subtitle could not be rendered by the right font
1.0.12 - 2012/01/23
  • Fix: Arabic and Hebrew subtitles are rendered LtoR
  • Fix: crash when there are spaces in the tail of URL
  • New: add ctrl+cmd+f to fullscreen (conform to Lion)
  • Fix: crashes in some FLVs
  • Translation: add Czech UI
1.0.11 - 2012/01/14
  • New: multiple subtitles display.(use ?+drag to merge the dragged subtitle to the current one)
  • New: add a-b loop
  • New: resize to Half Size
  • Pref: use AppleRemote to control system volume
  • Fix: control does not show up in fullscreen
  • Fix: respect font settings in .ass subtitle file
1.0.10 - 2011/11/22
  • Pref: always try to use the secondary screen.
  • Fix: graphite trafic lights in 10.6.
  • Change the default snapshot folder to ~/Pictures
  • Translation: add Polish, Spanish, Arabic
1.0.9 - 2011/09/28
  • New: open external audio tracks
  • New: Lion-style full screen
  • New: support .dvdmedia format
  • New: support ftp/udp protocols
  • New: add graphite theme
  • New: add enable/disable Open Recent menu
  • Fix: controlbar positioning
  • Fix: frame size is wrong when SAR is not 1
  • Fix: respect system preference for double click on window titlebar
1.0.8 - 2011/08/12
  • New: chapter support for mkv
  • New: audio channels remapping
  • New: track name support
  • New: edl support
  • New: command line options accept
  • New: German translation
  • Pref: disable media keys(F7,F8,F9)
  • Pref: disable Autoresizing control bar(hidden setting)
  • Pref: disable bookmark completely (hidden setting)
  • Fix: font list is not complete
  • Fix: can’t move window across menubar, if secondary screen is above the main screen
  • Fix: cache mechanism optimization
  • Fix: misbehave when loading subtitle in pausing
  • Fix: some files could not be found automatically
  • Fix: rendering performance optimization
  • Fix: accessibility support
  • Lion fix: Lion-style traffic lights
  • Lion fix: mouse scrolling direction
1.0.7 - 2011/06/16
  • Fix: Some subtitles can't be loaded.
  • Fix: Add https stream support.
  • Fix: add m2t file type support.
  • Fix: window not centered when started up.
  • Fix: change short cut of VideoTuner and Equalizer.
1.0.5 - 2011/06/06
  • New: Basic DVD support(Open VIDEO_TS)
  • New: Make MediaKeys(F7, F8, F9) work
  • New: 3 fingers pinch to toggle full screen
  • New: 4 fingers pinch to close player window
  • New: 2 fingers rotate to change aspect ratio (if unlocked)
  • Pref: Customize subtitle font
  • Pref: Could disable vertical scrolling to change volume
  • Pref: Could disable horizontal scrolling to seek
  • Pref: Auto-height of letterbox in full screen
  • Pref: Load but not display subtitle
  • Pref: Auto-detect SPDIF digital output
  • New: Add Pressing and hold on Play/Pause key of Apple Remote to make system sleep
  • New: Switch between Remaining/total time, when the time text clicked
  • New: Add change speed, audio delay, sub delay menu items
  • New: Add original, double, fit to screen menu items
  • New: Add aspect ratio preset menu
  • Fix: Disable momentum scroll effect
  • Fix: Snapshot won't work in the italian OS
  • Fix: Animating resize
  • Fix: Window moved beyond the menubar
  • Fix: When using PassThrough, changing volume will break the output
  • Fix: Memory leak
  • Fix: Controller won't always show up when playback starts
  • Fix: App won't quit when playback is over
1.0.3 - 2011/03/28
  • New : Next/Prev button in play control
  • New : in full screen, alt + dragging to move the frame
  • New : in full screen, pinch / alt + scroll / alt + [= -] to change frame size
  • New : Mirror / Flip
  • New : tap with three fingers to Play / Pause
  • New : CMD + 3 to zoom window
  • Pref: subtitle alignment
  • New : French localization (thank you, Soner Aktas)
  • Fix : Arabic subtitle support (need extra options)
1.0.2 - 2011/02/15
  • Fix : add missing Credits(Sorry, Catskin)
  • Fix : update frames when seek forward/backward, while pausing
  • Fix : controlbar jump to top of the window
  • UI : add donate, wiki, feedback
1.0.1 - 2014/1/26

    Hi, what a long absence, I'm still alive, MPlayerX too.

    Now I'm planning some, relatively, big feature into MPlayerX for the next major release. It may cost some time. Before doing it, I thought I'd better release once. So actually 1.0.1 isn't a exciting release, just a little step forward.

    There gonna be a long thanks list in this version, and I am really greatful and glad to see there are more and more people involved into this project

    THANK YOU Sergio, Yaroslav, Cyokey, Catskin, Fanchi, Ryoh, Evan. You help is deeply appreciated.

    • Pref: AutoResume playback.
    • Pref: when entering fullscreen, always hide dock.(issue 181)
    • Pref: Deinterlacing methods.
    • Pref: PostProcess methods.
    • Pref: Pass extra options to mplayer directly.(issue 214)
    • Pref: Add hidden setting: HideTitlebar.(issue 174)
    • Pref: Save your settings in Video Tuner and Equalizer.(issue 64)
    • UI : Portuguese translation added.
    • UI : Russian translation added.
    • UI : Japanese translation added.
    • UI : Traditional Chinese translation added.
    • UI : New file type icon.
    • UI : Improvement of playback control.
    • UI : Polished the traffic light buttons.(issue 199)
    • UI : When pausing, press → for frame step.
    • UI : Add Inspector panel.
    • UI : Menu refinement.
    • UI : In Fullscreen, you could drag the movie area.(issue 136)
    • Core: Use FFMpeg as the default demuxer(except RealMedia).
    • Core: Downmix to 2 channels now should work.
    • Core: Keep the pitch when changing playback speed.(issue 213, 205)
    • Core: Show/hide letterbox now work immediately, don't have to restart the playback.
    • Fix : In fullscreen, play window will still be on top of other floating windows.
    • Fix : Load subtitles with comma in the filename.
    • Fix : Seeking problem when dragging the time slider.(issue 151)
    • Fix : Apple Remote will bring up the light of the dimmed screen.(issue 220)
    • and many minor fixes.
1.0.0 - 2010/07/19
  • Core: only use ffmpeg-mt, disable single thread mplayer
  • Core: respect embedded fonts now.(issue 98)
  • Core: added Theora codec, added ogv format.(issue 100)
  • Core: fixed aspect ratio troubles in some m4v files.(issue 103, ffmpeg's bug actually)
  • Core: fixed playback stucks, if switch between hi-jack and speaker.(issue 46)
  • Core: added switch video.(issue 117)
  • Core: fixed playback hiccups when seeking(issue 119)
  • Core: fixed subtitle outline render error for some special characters
  • Core: added webm format
  • Core: added tp format
  • Core: added Equalizer
  • Core: Universal Charset Detector sync with firefox 3.6.4
  • Core: fixed crashing when loading blank subtitle files
  • Core: switch beteween minijack and speakers, audio goes to mute
  • Pref: added overlapsub.(issue 104)
  • Pref: fixed subtitle font size now use 100% as the default value.(issue 97)
  • Pref: added transfer rtsp stream over http(I'm not sure if it's very useful, but with this ON, I could see the WWDC2010 keynote with MPlayerX)
  • Pref: added use FFMpeg to handle the stream
  • Pref: added Mix DTS 5.1 to Stereo
  • Pref: added Fuzzy search for Auto Play Next
  • UI: added Simplified Chinese
  • UI: added Escape to exit fullscreen.(issue 111)
  • UI: menubar and dock would not autohide when fullscreen on the secondary display.(issue 92)
  • UI: added pressing i to display media info.(issue 112)
  • UI: sub load to ignore the lower/upper case in the file name
  • UI: added Command + Delete to trash the playing file
  • UI: added Command + Shift + =/- to increase/decrease the window size
0.9.9 - 2010/4/26
  • issue 42: titlebarless
  • issue 78: add []\, CMD + []\, OPT + []\ for speed, audio delay, sub delay control, ↑↓← are still working
  • issue 77,82: add manual mode for subtitle encoding detection, when MPlayerX is not sure about the text encoding
  • issue 81: do not load settings in ~/.mplayer/ any more
  • issue 80,76: switch audio menu enhancement
  • issue 75: crash at first start on some Macbook Pro
  • add CMD+f for fullscreen
  • add hue filter in VideoTuner
  • add drag indicator
  • libass update to 0.9.9
0.9.8 - 2010/3/14
  • new Application Icon
  • pop up the player window when playing audio(it is not perfect but usable for the very first release, I will try to make a better solution)
  • Opened URLs will be saved
  • Pref:Pause when file opened
  • Auto Play Next is smarter to detect all the digit part in the file name
  • Bugfix:crash on some Macbook Pro with 9400M
  • Bugfix:font size of ssa subs and non-ssa subs are not consistent
  • Bugfix:Preference window is not located to the right position
  • Core:mplayer:r30880 ffmpeg:d62b7c0
  • pefrformance enhancement
0.9.7 - 2010/2/13
  • Pref: you could put the subtitle into LetterBox
  • Pref: settings for network
  • Pref: only capture the current screen when fullscreen
  • Video Tuner(MPlayerX now powered by CoreImage, :) )
  • set the aspect ratio as you like (in the menu, or shortcut r, shift+r)
  • subtitle could be loaded while playing, by drag or double-click the subtitle file
  • double-click the subtitle while NOT playing, MPlayerX will search for the proper media file
  • subtitle for korean language fallbacks to CP9494 rather than EUC_KR
  • Auto Play Next: the index don't have to be at the end of filename, but the rightmost digit part
  • register for opening mms, rtsp, http media streams
  • Translation: Simplified Chinese add, Happy Chinese New year and Valentine's Day :)
  • refinement of Apple Remote behavior, holding key for fast seeking
  • performance enhancement
  • Core:mplayer to r30546, ffmpeg-mt to f804162 - 2010/1/18
  • fix:last played place will be forgotten once app exits
0.9.6 - 2010/1/17
  • Core: mplayer up to r30236, ffmpeg-mt up to 5eb0c64
  • Func: Switch Audio(not perfect but should work, since I have no multitrack file to test)
  • Func: double click to toggle FullScreen
  • Func: FullScreen will keep on when to auto play next
  • Func: rewrote sub encode detect algorithm, now work with multiple sub files with different encoding method
  • UI: OSD Display
  • UI: Preferences Window rewrote, many hidden settings disclosed
  • UI: Click the time on the control, or hold the Fn key will switch between elapse/remain
  • UI: when cursor hover on time slider, a time hint will display relative or absolute time
  • UI: many refinements
  • Delete: when pause, key → does not function "frame step" anymore, since frameStep doesn't support backward, it will cause confusion
  • bugs fix
0.9.4 - 2010/1/5
  • bug fix: crash on case-sensitive partition
  • New: Play from last stopped place
0.9.3 - 2010/1/4
  • Rename to MPlayerX
  • (Sorry for my lame English, but most users thought MPlayerX looks more popular)

    according to name changing, the update system will NOT succeed THIS TIME

    please go to for MPlayerX 0.9.3

    or you could change you current to and open it once again to update

0.9.2 - 2010/1/3
  • add sparkle framework to support autoUpdate
  • Enable liabass to render text subtitle
  • add change subtitle size while playing